Furniture retailers can no longer expect “old normal” to come back

Furniture retailers can no longer expect “old normal” to come back
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Jun 13, 2022

We at NutsDev constantly monitoring the changes in e-commerce and witness disruptive technologies changing the way customers browse and shop online. Many traditional retailers have already invested in developing the best in-store shopping experience while providing a basic online user journey.

Having dipped into the online furniture domain we become aware that furniture companies need to pay more attention to creating an engaging online experience. Furniture retailers can no longer expect “old normal” to come back. Instead, they need to keep pace with technological development to bring in-store customer experiences online.

We believe that technologies like 3D visualization and Augmented Reality will change game rules irreversibly by giving customers the opportunity to see customized furniture in the interior of their home before production. And we at NutsDev have a clear vision of how to help it happen.

Deploying new APIs from Apple like ARKit and RoomPlan we have developed a digital solution that turns fiction into reality. Along with traditional features like furniture customization, this solution brings some new ones helping retailers create an engaging online furniture shopping experience.


When it comes to furniture shopping, customers need to touch and examine the products before making a purchase. Thanks to the RoomPlan by Apple, retailers can easily create 3D models using iPhone or iPad and upload them online with a couple of clicks. Customers can get the opportunity to examine the products in great detail through high-quality imagery and 360 spin views.

In-app Native Augmented Reality.

ARKit by Apple brings the furniture closer to the customers and enables them to see the product in real-time in their room. With the help of native ARKit integration, all they need to do is click on the furniture item they want in the e-commerce store and open a preview of that item in their space.

3D Room Scenes.

Creating room scenes as part of the online store is a great method to engage customers even more and close the gap between online-offline experiences. This is even more than just seeing how the furniture looks in the interior. It is about does the furniture fits the room physically. RoomPlan from Apple that utilizes the camera and LiDAR Scanner on iPhone and iPad helps customers to create easily a 3D floor plan of a room, including key characteristics such as dimensions and types of furniture, which makes an experiment with the type and dimensions of the furniture funny and encouraging.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creating engaging online furniture shopping experiences, but it’s a good place to start. If you want to learn how you can reinvent your digital experience with 3D product visualization, we’re happy to help.

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