How disruptive technologies changing real estate market

How disruptive technologies changing real estate market
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Jun 20, 2022

We at NutsDev have been creating digital applications that people love to use for a decade now. By studying customers’ insights and behavior, we design engaging digital products that help businesses thrive online. There is always more to that than just converting a client’s brief to a nice-looking piece of code. We blend our skills, creativity, and top-notch technology to bring the best possible result.

Real estate is one of the key domains we have created dozens of web applications for and accumulated rich expertise in the design of the best customer experience. Having summarized our experience in the real estate industry and mixed it with new revolutionary technology from Apple, we have created a fancy mobile application for real estate agents and teams. The application is powered by ARKit, a RoomPlan from Apple that utilizes the camera and LiDAR Scanner on iPhone and iPad to create a 3D floor plan of a room, including key characteristics such as dimensions and types of furniture. RoomPlan brings a completely new experience to the real estate online business, engaging customers and helping them make more informed decisions on private property.

Along with RoomPlan integration we squeezed all the best practices into an intuitive and fancy interface to manage online presence by a couple of clicks. Managing online operations with real estate objects has never been that easy. It is as simple and convenient as making a post on social media.

We at NutsDev believe that such innovative technology as RoomPlan from Apple is a game changer in the real estate market. This solution brings surroundings online, makes interaction between a customer and an agent natural, saves time and boosts efficiency. And that is the added value NutsDev always delivers to its clients.

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